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Online Resources for Children

Online resources and learning games for children

B  C  D  N  P  S  T  W


Beanstalk  – for 1.5 – 6 year olds.

Build a Catapult

Build a Volcano


Crickweb  –  education resources and games for school children of all ages.


Duolingo  –  free language learning for school and adults.


Nasa Tour of Distanct Cosmic Object GRB150101B

National Geographic for Children – covers scientific discoveries, nature, animals, global cultures and history.


PTO Today – 10 Easy STEM Activities for Kids.

Popsicle Stick Bridge Building – bridge building challenge.

Rosetta Stone – free language learning for school children.


Scientific Tours – a list of simulated visit around museums and existing location:

National Museum of Computing

National Museum of Natural History

Oxford University’s History of Science Museum

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History 

Spider Solitare – celebrates women who have been leading tech and computing in the past few decades

The German Oceanographic Museum 

The National Museum of Computing on Bletchley Park


Seneca – covers every subject and suitable for children from 7-11 years old right up to A level.

STEM Learning – support and guidance to enhance the teaching and learning of STEM.


The Maths Factor with Carol Vorderman – for age 4-12 years.

Twig Education – Science based website.


World Geography Games

Water Cycle in a Bag – activity for ages 3 to 7.

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