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CamAWiSEMentoring Programme 2022

The CamAWiSE Mentoring Programme

The CamAWiSE Mentoring Programme aims to connect students, researchers and professionals in STEMM and support them in their professional development. The programme allows participants to make new connections, expand their exposure and insight into professional areas beyond their own, and gain further skills relevant for their professional or their personal lives. This is an inclusive programme and we welcome applications from all genders and different locations.

We are pleased to say the programme will be running again in 2022, and applications for the 2022 cohort are now open until 21 January 2022.


The CamAWiSE Mentoring Programme launched in 2020 as a pilot, you can read more about the experience at the programme in this interview with mentor Becky Hall. Following the success of the pilot, we continued the programme in 2021 and are now calling applications for the third cohort in 2022. The programme will run for six months, from late January until the end of July 2022. Anyone with an academic or a professional interest in STEMM can apply, independent of their career stage, gender or location. There is no prior knowledge of mentoring required to participate as a mentor. 

Mentors and mentees will be matched by CamAWiSE using the feedback provided on the application form. Further information about the programme is available in the participant Handbook.

How to apply?

Mentors and mentees should submit an application online to participate in the Mentoring programme. Applications must be submitted by 21 January 2022. 

Mentees must be CamAWiSE members for the duration of the mentoring programme, update your membership or join us at Membership is not required to participate as a Mentor. 

Programme schedule

CamAWiSE will run online initial orientation sessions for mentees and mentors at the launch of the programme which all participants are encouraged to attend. During the programme, CamAWiSE will also host cohort calls for mentees (optional for mentors) to support them in setting and developing their goals, and as an opportunity to share experiences with other participants.

The mentor and the mentee are expected to meet once a month. Given that mentor and mentee may be based at different locations, and also taking into account any existing health and safety requirements around COVID-19, the expectation is that meetings will take place online, but the format of the meeting (length and the medium for communication) is to be agreed between mentor and mentee. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about the program, please do contact us at

Collaboration with Sierra Leone AWiSE and the University of Sierra Leone RECAP Initiative

In line with our goal for a broad reach, this year, we are pleased to collaborate with the Sierra Leone Association of Women in Science and Engineering (SLAWiSE) to include a group of mentees from the region in the Mentoring programme.

SLAWiSE is a regional network for Women in STEM in industry, enterprise and academia. SLAWiSE was founded in 2013 with mentorship support from CamWiSE; SLAWiSE aims to build and preserve the participation of women in STEM fields, it organizes capacity building/networking meetings as well as access to mentoring.

If you are applying via the collaboration with SLAWiSE and/or the University of Sierra Leonean RECAP (Research Capacity Strengthening programme) initiative, please complete this application form, which is tailored to participants. CamAWiSE membership for mentees participating via the CamAWiSE & SLAWiSE collaboration is sponsored for the full period of the Mentoring programme so that there is no charge for the mentee. Participants via this initiative will receive confirmation of CamAWiSE membership and receive all benefits of CamAWiSE members, including three free online events.

Why mentoring?

Mentoring is a potentially rich source of learning for both parties, benefiting mentors and mentees with opportunities to gain leadership skills, to give back to the community and expand their networks. It allows the mentee to gain guidance and encouragement, support around work/ life balance, self confidence and new professional perspectives. But mentoring does not only benefit mentees, it provides mentors with opportunities to gain leadership skills, and to give back to the community.

Many of today’s successful leaders have participated in a mentoring programme that helped to empower them. These mentees are often willing to mentor up-and-coming leaders as well. Studies have shown that 71% of women will accept an invitation to act as a formal career mentor.


Benefits for mentors and mentees

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