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“Is there a business in you?” The key points…

There was such a lot to cram into the time we had at our “Do you have a business in you?” event back in April. Here are some reminders of things that might have got rather short shrift on the night.

Draw up a Mind Map to highlight how many resources you possess

  • We’re all hard-wired to be learning entities and it’s easy to forget how much we’ve all learned and how successful we all are at acquiring skills and knowledge.
  • Resources aren’t just what’s in your head. How much information do you have access to in books and on the internet?
  • Don’t overlook the people you know (and the people they know): what knowledge, contacts and resources do they have that may be available to you?

It’s important not to edit yourself

  • When coming up with ideas, get everything out of your head and onto paper whether you think it’s good or bad. If you don’t, the idea will just hang about at the front of your mind, shouting for your attention and distracting you from producing more.
  • Get the ideas down and then you can go back at your leisure and examine each one for whatever “juice” you can extract from it. You think it’s a bad idea? Why? What’s wrong with it? What’s right with it? (Few ideas are wholly useless.) What would the opposite be/how would you achieve it? What would Richard Branson (or whoever) do with the idea? Don’t abandon it until you’ve picked its bones clean!

A metaphor for your business

  • Have you come up with one you like yet? Luanne would want you to remember that people are emotional, not logical, so the right metaphor is a direct route to those emotions and to getting your message across. Keep asking yourself “What’s my business/product/service like?” until you find an image that resonates with as many people as possible.

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Liz Lyon

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