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Success: what lies behind the mask?

An informative and inspiring talk exploring courage, confidence and the imposter by Kate Atkin, MSc.

Do you experience a nagging doubt that you could be ‘found out’ or put their/your success down to luck or timing?

imposter1.jpgHave you noticed a need to be perfect and avoid making mistakes because it ‘proves’ you are not up to the job?

Would you like to feel more confident, and put themselves forward for new projects, opportunities or even promotion?

And how do you handle overconfidence, without dampening enthusiasm?


The imposter phenomenon is experienced by some 70% of people at some point in their lives.  Described as a feeling of intellectual phoniness, this phenomenon, or syndrome, is not confined to women, or to academics, or to those who work for others… it is widely experienced.

It is a feeling of being an imposter.

(the real imposters don’t experience it at all!)

The Workshop will be held in the Reception Room at Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.

Wednesday 26th April. 8-10pm

Special Price! 

Members & non-members £10

Book Now!

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