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LMB alumni return to share their career experiences

camawise_O125907_adj_cr-215x215The LMB and Cambridge AWiSE recently held their 11th annual “What Next For Your Career in Science?” event in the LMB’s Max Perutz Lecture Theatre. The three speakers, Monika Papworth, Elizabeth Fairley and Sarah Cumbers, were all LMB alumni, who since leaving the LMB have gone on to be successful in diverse areas.  All of them spoke about how they have built on the scientific training they received at the LMB to pursue their careers outside academia.  They talked about the importance of finding a career that is right for you and that matches your aspirations and interests, and not to be afraid to try something and move on if it isn’t right.  They encouraged attendees to persevere to achieve their goals and to make the most of any opportunities that arise including learning from the influential people they come into contact with throughout their career.  Finally, they all mentioned the challenges of having children while maintaining a career and how they have successfully overcome these.

“All that has remained the same in science in the last 30 years is Gilson pipettes”

Read more at the MRC-LMB web page

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