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Peer Mentoring Workshop and CamAWiSE AGM

After the success of last year’s format, we will again feature a workshop on peer mentoring at the Cambridge AWiSE AGM on Tuesday 21st February.

Peer mentoring is the idea of providing mentoring in a group of peers. In such a group everyone mentors each other. It works on the assumption that we all gain different experiences and in a group of committed and intelligent women there will be useful experiences relating to your current situation.

Support can take the shape of exchanging practical tips, defining and clarifying the topic, getting other people’s perspectives and hearing people’s experiences of similar situations.   This will give you a range of ideas of how to achieve a positive outcome.

The evening will be a starting point of the peer-mentoring journey. This year we will facilitate staying in touch by providing closed sub-groups within the CamAWiSE LinkedIn group.

A participant last year said, “I came expecting to give my experience as a mentor and got some useful advice as a mentee”.

Event details:
Peer Mentoring Workshop, with Tennie Videler
followed by AGM.
Tuesday 21st February, 8pm-10pm
Reception Rooms, Lucy Cavendish College, Cambridge.
£5 entry fee (includes tea, coffee, cake and networking).  All welcome.
Please register online here

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