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Blog – A Bold Step into the Leadership Mindset

Women have always possessed the cards in knowledge-sharing, network building, collaborative work practises, flexibility and empathy. These are some of the key components, which are stacked in their favour when it comes to leadership. As we step into the new year, these are now non-negotiable in developing the mindset of a good leader.

Closely acquainted with 2020, the year brought with it a plethora of examples of good leadership. Some are widely known in the greater successful-management to contain the Coronavirus in female-led countries. (As an interesting side note, only 7% of the world’s leaders are women.) This well-examined insight has shown women’s leadership as more democratic, collaborative, communications-led and connective.

It was through much coaching and development, Naily Makangu (Founder and Business Transformation Consultant at Athena Leaders) found her voice. Naily (the Mary Poppins of Business Transformation), the workshop facilitator, started her professional career as a Software Engineer. Initially, she faced contradictive comments about her ability, that created a negative voice in her head. As a result she shared new ideas less often. Her route of self-analysis led to the change in her behaviour and examine the notion of “What if I do something different?”. It was the watershed moment most in transit to leadership are introduced to – You do not need permission to make your change…

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